This building started its life as Oddfellows Lodge Hall in 1877. The Oddfellows Lodge was one of a number of benefit lodges. Before the days of social security, paid a subscription. This entitled them to use of the Lodge Doctor, Chemist and even on occasion the Lodge Undertaker.

In late 1877 the Borough Council resolved to let the building and use in conjunction with the Oddfellows. This situation continued, then the building was acquired and used by the Arrowtown Burough Council in 1989.

The building was then used as a meeting room until 1993, when it became the Arrowtown Doctors Surgery. The building was then purchased by a local artist, and was used as the venue for a creative learning space for all ages.

Most recently it has become the Oddfellows Beauty Lodge.

Saving Grace is Oddfellow’s charitable work where we go once a month to the retirement home and paint nails- massage hands - tidy up unwanted facial hair- do eyebrows and generally give some T>L>C to the lovely folk who live there.We are working on encouraging other salons nation wide to join in on this work in their areas.

Oddfellows Team

Oddfellows Beauty Lodge was opened in March 2013 in the historic, iconic cottage on the main street - Buckingham street Arrowtown by Samantha (Sam) Gent.

Sam has been involved in the Beauty Therapy industry for over 30 years. Sam grew up in London working in her mothers famous Salon, qualifying in 1989. She has worked around the world and since has had many salons in N.Z & Queenstown area.

She and her family Settling in Arrowtown 17 years ago.

She decided that Arrowtown was ready for unique beauty therapy establishment with a retail and shop front as well as good old fashioned massage / treatment's without the nonsense that has become most "spa" experience's. Oddfellows Beauty Lodge has a history that dates back to the gold mining days. With so much experience & their own unique character the Oddfellows team fit into the perfect place on the main street.

Our beauty therapy doesn't stop in Arrowtown, as we welcome clients from Queenstown, Glenorchy, Cromwell, Wanaka and the Wakatipu basin as well as the whole of New Zealand to take advantage of our unique beauty salon experience. Enjoy all the experiences on our Spa menu, feel happier, energised and beautiful after travelling to Oddfellows Lodge for a day of pampering and go home feeling beautiful."

No treatment is ever the same, the team having a philosophy that everyone's needs change daily & trust that they know what you need.

This is tailored in their signature "S A S Time"- like "trust the chef - trust the therapist" is a flat rate for a truly wondrous top to toe treatment.

If you want to be treated as an individual and enjoy some fantastic surroundings as well as brilliant therapists then Oddfellows lodge is the place for you.

5 Berkshire Street, Arrowtown, 9302

03 442 0020

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