The magical powers and uses of Magic Balm

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Mother Nature has done a stellar job of creating it to work perfectly well most of the time. But skin does obviously change, in sync with our environment, age & stage! Have a look at all the information on what can happen, and how the magic can help (based upon generations of hands-on skin-care experience).


Dry Skin

Our skin does get dry for various reasons, some are because as we age the sebum production slows down as other essential bodily functions take precedence – obviously mother nature didn't think we needed to look young forever!

Environmental and marketing influences play a big part in how we treat our skin. The food, water & toxins we ingest have a big impact too. I know this is boring but it is the truth & no cream or magic pill will fix that. So be realistic with your self-care, and then the magic can begin….​

Magic Balm has 9 amazing waxes, butters & oils that all combine to create the perfect mixture of protective ingredients to help save your skin. It should be used by everyone at least 2-3 times a week & for drier/older skin it should be used every night

As our balm has no water, the formula remains the same despite the changing seasons & temperatures. You may need to warm the balm in the palm of your hand before applying. Use all over your body, face, eyes & neck.

Remember that our necks & the back of our hands show our age first even with “extra” help. So apply generously. 

Oh, and don't spray perfume on your neck – that's 100% alcohol !! Don't over-cleanse or exfoliate your skin, leave it alone & have facials with professionals.

Face & Eye Creme

The balm works as a great face creme!

Wrinkles & Ageing

Prevention is better than the cure!  Once you are over puberty it's time to start really being vigilant with your skin care.

We believe that aging gracefully is beautiful & you can look & feel your best with Magic Balm. It's the saving grace, & can be used in conjunction with the most extreme anti-ageing products on the market as it seals in all the goodness, as well as having it's own unique and magic anti-ageing properties. Simply spread on the affected area, or over the top of your other skincare. ​

Use it as often as you need, but be aware it has no sun protection at all. If you are using Magic Balm in the morning, remember to apply a sunblock.​

P.S use only mineral / physical sunblocks – check they are not chemical ones which are super nasty.


Anyone who has suffered with eczema understands the frustration of trying to manage the condition without steroids, but there often comes a point it gets so bad that you go back to the hydrocortisone creams.

We understand & have seen the long-term physical & mental effects of this horrible condition. All we can say is you have to try this one last product as it will desensitise your aggravated condition.​

You have to use it daily for at least 4 week before you will see a result (miracles do take time), as your skin cells turn over every 4 weeks and they need to be sure that this is the new 'normal' for them. We have seen amazing results with many smiley people who have finally found a natural and sustainable remedy to skin they have suffered with their whole life. 

It has also had incredible results with kids who start the habit of applying Magic Balm themselves.

P.S Get rid of all shampoos & cleansers that are sulphate-based. Stop washing your kids all the time! Have a think about what is in the washing powders that are touching your skin!


Contact dermatitis caused by something irritating the skin, causing an allergic reaction. Sometimes it's hard to know what the culprit is as there are so many different things it could be, or even a combination of factors. Try eliminating things one at a time such as shampoos, dishwashing liquid, cleansers & exfoliators. Just calm down on washing your skin all the time. Relax, and let the magic happen. ​

The treatment is the same as eczema, so refer to that section to learn how to use Magic Balm with this condition. The key is to use it daily for at least 4 week, to allow for major, visible changes.


Same story as with eczema, told over & over again. Psoriasis is hereditary & is often stress related.​

Treat often with UltraViolet (SUN) which helps with the production of Vitamin D & boosts serotonin levels (feel good hormone) as well as melanin production.​

Basically the skin & often scalp is totally freaked out & over-producing cells to try & protect itself ( the same could be said for the mood). So you need to avoid any harsh cleansers or washing powers, & put as much Magic Balm on affected areas as often as possible. This will seal in all the active ingredients & stop the kerfuffle.​

Remember to use for at least 4 weeks, to allow your skin cells to fully turn over, & become used to the new 'normal'. 

Eventually that will help your mood as you will be psoriasis free too!


To be honest I believe that this is a skin condition old people are told that they have to make them feel better.

It's generally because of their lifestyle, it's not really a condition or external. It is best treated with healthy living- BORING I know! And again, be kind and gentle to your skin.

Rosacea can become infected if you muck about with it too much. Magic balm helps to heal & calm the areas & should be used intensively (as often as possible) until it all calms down. Once you have it under control, use at night to maintain the acid mantle & overall health of the skin.


Seabuckthorn oil is saving this day! 

This term 'acne' is used rather loosely, as true acne is actually quite unusual & rare. When it is real it is a major problem with both physical & psychological effects that can have a long-term impact. If this is what is happening to you or your son or daughter,do not underestimate the importance of helping them.

However, 'spots' / 'pimples' is a better term for what most people suffer from. The skin is growing super fast & producing masses of oil (sebum) to help it grow. Marketing and myth have lead people to believe that their skin is “dirty” or needs scrubbing. What it actually needs is to be gently & carefully managed through this pain-in-the-neck period without leaving scars, mentally & physically.

Stop over washing your face with what is basically the most caustic stuff around. The surface of the skin often is so dry that the sebum can't get to the surface of the skin to lubricate it so it forms pimples & lumps that most people can't resist mashing. They inevitably pop the spot & end up leaving an infected follicle that festers & eventually burst, which will leave a dark, nasty scar for some time.

Our advice is to get professionals to do any extractions & avoid washing your face with harsh cleansers.  Use a delicate cleanser (like our cleansing balm) & use Magic Balm 3 - 5 times a week at night. It's antibacterial & contains anti-oxidants, with nourishing butters & oils that will help to calm your skin & get you through this difficult stage without permanent scarring. Its' just a stage & it passes, I promise.

Nappy Rash​

In the womb, we are constantly surrounded by water, so when we are born we don't have much oil on the skin to protect us. Magic Balm is so natural and soft it's perfect for newborn skin, & helps to put a protective layer on bottoms to stop any nappy rash issues (without using any nasty petroleum, plastic based products). The beeswax, carnauba and candellila waxes are like a natural waterproof membrane.

Stretch Marks​

The joys of baby-making stretches skin to the bounds of possibility on all fronts, so Magic Balm should be used to help you expand & then contract! The butters & oils particularly help the dermis & epidermis to be more supple & stretch. It also helps keep the skin in healthy condition after birth.

It can be used for perineal massage & stretching as its totally safe on all exposed skin!

Hands/Cuticles & Cracked Heels

It goes without saying that these areas generally get dry & hard skin that can crack and bleed if not treated properly.

Again, prevention is better than cure. Excess skin is the bodies way of protecting itself.  You help it first of all by keeping skin nourished with Magic Balm so it doesn't have to have such a build up. Magic Balm on feet at night with cotton sock works wonders with cracked heels & also helps with fungal infection treatment.

Hands, fingernails, and cuticles are all skin with various levels of “hardness”.  Keeping them supple & nourished stops them from cracking up. Magic Balm has no fillers or water so it's not like a normal hand cream that sinks in or evaporates and does nothing. You will feel the protective layer of Magic Balm long after it is applied. It's best used as a treatment on your hands/nails at night or after washing.

Chapped Lips​

Everyone is using a lip balm now. However, if they have petroleum (vaseline, pawpaw) they actually suffocate the area and make matters worse.

Magic Balm is easy to apply & if you end up ingesting it, does no harm. With kids who lick their lips, babies who dribble & adults who may dribble at night (it happens!) Magic Balm heals, soothes & seals in all the good stuff  so you actually address the dryness & nurture long-term lip health. 


If you have serious burns then they must be treated by medical professionals.

If they are not extreme or you are already in the healing stages then Magic Balm is fabulous. The plant butters have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, & the waxes help seal in these ingredients so that they can work on the basal layer where the cells are reforming.

Keep the burns covered with a thick layer of balm until the new skin is formed – don't allow it to scab as it will scar.

Sunburn is stupid – but if it happens then Magic Balm will save your skin.

Wounds, Ulcers, Scabs

Magic Balm should be in every first-aid kit!

Like honey, the beeswax has very strong healing properties. Combined with the other ingredients (especially seabuckthorn oil) it will prevent any bacteria or fungus from developing on ulcers & wounds. As with burns, the advice is to prevent the skin from scabbing and keep covered with balm until the new skin grows, from the dermis to the epidermis.

We have had great feedback from the mature/elderly on the magical healing of leg ulcers.

Insect Bites

Very annoying & can get infected if they are scratched, leaving scars.

The fruit butters & oils in Magic Balm have healing & anti-inflammatory properties. In places that insects abound it is best to use our Body Balm as they don't like the smell of the essential oils, & the waxes leave a film on the skin that is difficult for the bugs to penetrate.

If you have an itchy bite that you can't stop scratching, Magic Balm will soothe & reduce the redness. Apply as often as needed.


Once you have a true scar its hard to get rid of, that is just the truth.

You can help prevent scarring by using Magic Balm consistently during the healing process. Happy, healthy, nourished & calm skin will eventually look normal-ish.

There are promises of laser or acids or miracles that will cure but there is no such thing as a free lunch. These treatments often damage your skin even more! Although it may work short term, all injuries come back to haunt us, so it will show in your old age & probably worsen,

We recommend gentle natural products like Magic Balm, applied often and lovingly. 

Dry Hair & Scalp​

Hair is made of the same stuff as skin, just in a different format.  The skin all over our bodies has hair follicles (except the soles of your feet & palms of your hands).

Each hair follicle has a tiny sebaceous gland that produces an oily acid mantle that slicks onto the surface of the epidermis to protect against bacteria and keep it healthy & supple. We have been lead to believe that this is bad! Therefore we spend loads of time & money washing it off!
So then our body goes WTF & starts to overproduce to try & compensate for what we remove, which either gets stuck in the pore, becoming lumps, bumps & pimples, or cracking up & becoming scaly, sore and over-sensitised.

Basically anything that foams to clean is lethal - if your skin feels squeaky clean after use, it is doing damage. Anything with laurel sulphate or the like should be avoided.

Magic Balm can be used as a scalp & hair mask. Leave it on overnight or for the weekend to nourish the pores & calm the scalp.

Furthermore, the antibacterial properties really help if there are any lesions lurking.

Hair & Beard Wax

It's a great natural alternative to hair & beard wax. It does the same job & is completely natural and healthy on your hair & skin.

Razor Rash

Essentially razor rash is because you can't shave properly. Its not rocket science but seems to elude many men for all of their lives.
The trick is to use only a gentle, non-foaming oil or shave cream like the old days, on a nice & warm face. Only shave in the exact direction of hair growth- not rasping down against the grain. Your hair probably swirls all over the place, more than you think – side to side and up & down etc. If in doubt get a lady to show you the direction of your hair growth & go with the grain.
If you hate throwing blunt razors out then just buy cheap disposable ones & use less. This means they are sharper & don't have bacteria living in them.

The perfect compliment to your shaving routine is a little Magic Balm to cover the pores and protect your baby's bottom of a shaved face.


We have been told that Magic Balm has worked wonders on horses' mouths where they get chaffing from their “bits”. It has been said to help heal forelock wounds as well as hoof rot.

We have also used Magic Balm on our dogs & cats when they have wounds, & on extra scratchy skin. They do lick it but it's totally non-toxic & safe.

We have also used it for dog ear infection prevention as it keeps the ear canal waxy & has antibacterial properties.​